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Where does happiness come from?

In the lingo of most people out there, happiness is all about making whatever money they think is the cut-off for a “successful” life. And what’s this “successful life”? Well, everyone has a vision inside their head about what a successful life may seem like. And honestly, I would be lying if I were to say that I don’t have one for myself. For some, happy and blinged-out life is the one where they have peace of mind; for some, it’s something where they have tons of money at their disposal; and for some, it is something wherein they are all-happy to be living with the love of their life. So again, the question arises- where does happiness come from?

My view on where does happiness come from.

Well, not trying to sound like Socrates, but I think this whole conundrum is highly dynamic and personal- there is no one-size-fits-all. Happiness may mean something for you and yet, something completely different for your neighbour. You might get your daily dose of happiness by spending time playing Call of Duty with your friends till late at night, while your neighbour might pull off the same by going all out on that project car of his- it’s subjective!

The old saying…

The old saying- “a successful man… is a happy man” seems a hundred percent on point. But since the idea of success is different for different individuals, so is the source of their happiness. In the end, it all boils down what is the idea of success that you’ve planted deep inside your mind and heart. It’s all about what you’ve envisioned yourself to become before you return to the dust that birthed you. And if you can attain your goal of becoming that person, it’d be pretty accurate to call you a successful and happy man.

So, where does happiness come from? I’d say, it comes from within, and a good part of it comes from a healthy mind. Now, don’t be timorous if you don’t have your mental health in your control. We’ve all been there. Just click here to let us help you.  

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