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The number of people suffering from anxiety disorders in the world has increased by 18.1%, so what are the symptoms of this disease and what can be done about it to enjoy better Mental health?

World Health Organization data, there are about 4% of the population in the world with anxiety disorders. Usually, this fear is a natural thing, and in many cases, it is justified, it protects us from dangers, however, those who suffer from this disease feel fear for no apparent reason. Although there is no real danger, the patient feels very real.

Different Forms of anxiety

There are different forms of anxiety disorder, and these include, an incredibly restrictive phobia, which is usually associated with a specific matter – for instance, arachnophobia or fear of flying – while generalized anxiety disorder is permanent and is not related to situations or tangible things.

Its symptoms:

Stress, tension, sweating, or even a feeling of panic at any time, but those who suffer from this disease have practiced since childhood to hide their feelings in front of people, so noticing or detecting it is not easy.

Women are affected more than men are twice as likely to be affected by it than men, depending on the nature of this concern and whether it is private or general. This may be due to various reasons, such as heredity, the environment surrounding the woman, or even traumatic personal experiences. All of these things can play a role in infection and the development of symptoms of the disease.

Symptoms usually include feeling tired, poor sleep, and digestive problems. If you think for more than six months that you cannot get out of a state of anxiety and fears, you should consult your doctor.

Several things help to overcome stress and have a positive effect on those suffering from this disease.


For everyone who suffers from stress, feelings of anxiety and fear, exercise may be the best solution to calm their emotions. It is vital to adhere to a specific sport, such as football, running, or even swimming, two or three times a week for at least thirty minutes.

And exercise helps reduce the adrenaline that comes from stressful situations. Besides, the body reacts to exercise, increases the heartbeat, and begins to sweat, which are responses the body uses to overcome its problems.

Healthy eating

Healthy food is not only food for the body but also healthy food for the soul. Here it is recommended to follow a healthy diet with plenty of whole grains, vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids.

Yoga and relaxation

In addition to exercise and a healthy diet, various relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation help reduce stress, and this is partly due to the rhythm of breathing.

Deep, slow breathing activates the so-called “reflex”, whereby the body gets rid of the stress hormones in this way.

In any case, it is also essential to consult a psychologist for Anxiety counselling about this matter, and not to wait for long periods for medical advice, to prevent the development of the disease or its symptom.

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