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anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are two inexplicable evils of the society that we live in today. And genuinely, we don’t think you require any explanation to understand the gravity of such grave issues. Mental health- a topic that is probably the most neglected one of our times. However ‘manly’ it might seem to give this issue a back seat in our lives, it is the stupidest thing a person can do today. And hence, understanding anxiety and depression has become more crucial than ever before.

This post doesn’t delve much deep into the complexities, as we focus on putting things forth in a fairly simple yet effective manner!

Although serious and common, we take depression way too lightly and also mistake the same for a mere change in mood. This is appalling. Why? Because it often causes the sufferers to feel empty and sad for long periods of time. Depression also adversely affects one’s physical health and patterns of thinking. You can do away with the anxiety and chronic depression with the help of online counselling for depression by PinkyMind!

Now, coming to anxiety… It usually surfaces when an individual gets too stressed about their daily issues and problems. However, anxiety is just not yet another emotion in a person’s arsenal. When stressful emotions become too dominant in a person’s life, they are unable to function properly in their lives.

Understanding anxiety and depression in India:

Depression and anxiety, like in most parts of the world, are still two of the most neglected issues in India. We Indians don’t even consider them real things, let alone understanding anxiety and depression. And instead, we mistake them for mere overthinking. For us, the two disorders are some things that we can easily deal with and which should never require consultation. But non-ignorant people and intellectuals know just how wrong we are when we think of them this way.

Now that you’re aware of the dangers of them both, come to us. We can help you successfully fight your way through life!
Click here for therapy. Read more on depression in India here.

Image credit- Pexels.com

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