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Teen depression…. umm those are some heavy words, aren’t they?

If you are a teen then you might think that this is one of those gory articles which talks about how emotional and hormonal teens are.

For those I will say, trust me, amigos! I’m on your side.

As for the adults, they need to be aware of the problems plaguing the teens.

So, I’ll just say “stick around grown-ups”.

I will try my best to keep it light and fluffy but I don’t have the magical powers of whipped cream.

So, what do I mean by Teen Depression:

(To all the parents wondering if it is of serious concern, then the answer is YES, it is real and require love and support from the parents’ side)

To put it simply, Teen Depression is a mental disorder that is similar to adult depression but the way it affects teenagers may differ. Teen depression can make a child feel different emotionally and may cause them to struggle in various social and environmental areas. Depression in teens can vary from mild to severe which may require external intervention and help.

Teenage is a highly stressful phase where children have just started to explore themselves and the world. (it may be the time where you discover how much you love manga or K-pop).

In those times it can be very confusing to feel depressed and not even know it. Although many factors can cause depression in teens, it is important to remember and remind (those who question) that it is “NOT YOUR FAULT”.

What the statistics says-

According to the data provided by suicide.org,

  • A teen takes his/her (their) life every 100 minutes.
  • Before reaching adulthood about 20% of all teens face depression of some sort.
  • The third leading cause of death among people aged 15-24 is Suicide.
  • Out of all the teens facing depression only about 30% are treated for it.

Now, these statistics may sound worrisome and sad but they show how common teen depression is. It should be noted that we cannot know the true extent of how many teens are going through depression. As there are a lot of stigmas attached to this which discourages teens to speak out causing many cases to go unreported. It shows how a lot of young teens are struggling with their mental health. And how they need help. One that comes without any shame, guilt or blame.

Signs of teenage depression-

  • Constant feeling of sadness and despair
  • Feeling of hopelessness
  • Being cranky and angry a lot
  • Disinterest in previously liked tasks
  • Feeling empty or lonely a lot of times
  • Urge to cry or frequent spells of crying
  • Loss of appetite or energy to do everyday tasks
  • Bursting out or lashing on people even if they mean well
  • Paying less attention to personal care and hygiene
  • Inflicting self-harm or injury
  • attempting to take one’s life
  • Abusing drugs or alcohol
  • Sleeping too much or too little

I understand how some of the signs are confusing but know that different people show different symptoms like Cinderella’s shoe, one size won’t fit all. These are some basic signs to look out for. Some symptoms like feeling sad or angry are common in every human being let alone a teen. Although if the frequency of those symptoms increases, to an extent where it is disrupting your everyday life then. That is a big ‘RED FLAG’.

In those cases, don’t wait for your symptoms to get worse. Seek help as soon as possible.

The next article will focus on different ways where a teen can get help. Stay tuned

image source- www.pixabay.com

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