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The previous article focused on highlighting the various signs and symptoms of teen depression. While this article attempts to show different tips and techniques which can help teens suffering from depression.

Teen depression: how to ask for help?

Well, this is hard, isn’t it? The first step usually is.

Teen depression is very common and there are various sources which can provide help and support.

1) Acknowledge that you need help-

This may seem pretty silly but is very important. It is very easy to live in denial and pretend that everything is alright because it seems less scary. Asking for help may feel too much for some teens so they try to console themselves by pretending that they do not need help. Acknowledge that you need help and that getting help doesn’t make you any less of a person.

2) Seek support-

Try confiding about your emotions and thoughts to someone whom you trust. If you feel that they can understand you then try to tell them the way you feel. It may give you a platform to express yourself. It can be anyone that you trust be it any family member or a friend. If you are not comfortable sharing with known people then try talking to a professional. 

3) Make use of the services and helplines

Nowadays, there are many helplines and services which offer mental health services completely free of cost or at very nominal rates. Some organizations work exclusively for teens who are undergoing mental disorders. Don’t be afraid to seek help from these resources as genuine professionals protect your anonymity unless in extreme cases where you might cause harm to yourself or others.

(PS: Do not refer to those, “Take this quiz to know if you have depression” quizzes. Only a certified and trained professional is allowed to diagnose a disorder.)

4) It’s okay to say you are not okay-

Do not let anyone pressure you into feeling something that you are not. It is okay to say that you are not okay without feeling guilty. In the same way, it is perfectly fine to stay away from certain people, situations or places where you feel that your symptoms are being triggered. It is okay to create some boundaries if you are not comfortable with certain people. Your mental health matters. It is okay to say that you are not okay.

A final note from a former teen-

Showing your emotions be it sadness, despair or crying doesn’t make you weak. Trust me, I cry every month and my friends even more so, but they are some of the strongest and wonderful people I ever met. (PS: I will deny writing the above statement if my friends ever read this)

You may feel like you are all alone in this. No one can get the way you are feeling or they simply won’t understand your point. It must feel so frustrating to feel this way but know that there are plenty of resources available where you can get help. Many trained professionals can help you out without criticizing or judging you. If you feel that you cannot share your emotions with your close ones then these professionals are there for you. You just have to seek help.

I won’t ask you to be strong all the time. I won’t say you can just shake it off and I certainly won’t say that it is easy.

But I will say this. I know this is hard. It must be exhausting for you.

I acknowledge and validate your feelings. And you should never feel guilty for the way you feel.

Also, try to put a little more faith in yourself. For you are stronger than you think.

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