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I am pretty sure, you have seen people who go in a fierce search of friends or family when they fall into a pit swamped with chaos and depression. Well! I am familiar with this because I’ve been there. At times, I needed strong support to clear the mess I made. There are also times where I was independent and found a way out of my depression. 

Social withdrawal, ever heard this? This is a new go-to place for depressed people. Social withdrawal is nothing but avoidance, people who are under depression and anxiety threats tend to avoid people who are surprisingly important in their life. People indulged in social withdrawal will also get away from usual activities one would typically enjoy. Social withdrawal can be considered as an anxiety disorder as it occurs when the internal psychological equilibrium is imbalanced as that is where anxiety becomes abnormal. 

Symptoms of social withdrawal:

  • Preferring alone time to public gatherings
  • Neglecting personal hygiene
  • Losing interest in almost everything
  • Deep boredom
  • Significant disrepair

People eventually start retreating from others, this can be due to pre-existing anxiety issues, and depression. The person becomes physically and psychologically disengaged from society. 

Risk factors:

  • People who practice withdrawal actually believe that isolating themselves would help them cope with their anxiety, but unfortunately, that loneliness makes their anxiety worse. 
  • Being alone also makes way into the bumpy road of overthinking which is not good for mental health
  • Social isolation also leads to hypertension, inflammatory diseases, cognitive impairment, infection, and stress responses. 

How to recover?

  • Increase your sense of productivity
  • Participate in funny activities 
  • Gather interest
  • Practice things that will enrich your mental health
  • Connect with friends and family often

Social withdrawal is tough to handle, but it can be put to an end with early recognition and certain treatment.

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