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We encounter many men and women in our daily life that their happiness we see on their faces would be a lie. We would be amazed to learn how much they got downhearted to end their lives due to the consequence of the continuous confusion within them and they went through. Recently the smiling depression is the one which has become more and more common. That’s a unique state in which the person appears fine.

However, if someone suffers from internal depression symptoms that he attempts to hide from everybody for several reasons, such as shame and dread of judgment. That society might call it.

Defense mechanism

Usually, depression is associated with sadness, inactivity, and worry. He would be a person who neglects his normal way of life, fundamental needs, and duties and prefers to spend his evenings alone in places.

The symptoms may arise because of his unparalleled success. It will be wearing a fake mask that hides all of his despair and anxiety with lots of physical and mental issues that burden himself thats might prompt them to think about suicide.

Psychology Counselling explains that to conceal their true feelings from people around them, they should have to entrench their minds that expressing emotions is simply a sign of weakness. Hence, they categorically reject or arouse someone’s pity.

Smiling Depression

People who suffer from mood swings would tend to unfavorable situations that occurred in earlier times.

Usually, smiling depression is more common in men who are dominated by the masculine mindset, which considers that “a real man does not cry or express their feelings in public,”

The reason for the decline in their feeling to seek aid to address their psychological problems and disorders in contrast to women.

Fake mask

In reality, individuals don’t experience depression symptoms in the same style, as some do not even understand that they have this condition.

In other words, people with “smiling depression” place a mask over the outside world so that they are good at convincing everybody that they live every day and full life of activities.

Whether it is social or in the level of sports and artworks for the inside, they feel despair and frustration, so that sometimes it’s They have thoughts about finishing everything and putting an end to their own lives.

The rationale behind those dark thoughts is their power, or rather pretend, to continue their everyday life, making them vulnerable to implementing suicide plans.

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Feeling guilty

It may be tricky to determine the causes that lead some to create the phenomenon of “smiling depression”

However, the fewer mood may stem from a combination of factors, such as labor issues, the breakdown of emotional relationships, and feeling like life no longer has any function or significance.

While it is essential to seek help to get rid of “smiling depression,” individuals with this condition may not think that they have difficulty in the first place, particularly if they continue to execute their tasks and their daily routines.

This will feel guilty and convince themselves that it is They have nothing to mourn about, so they maintain their difficulties confidential and end up feeling ashamed of expressing their feelings

There is a stigma related to mental illness and the traditional picture associated with depression, which believes people who have a family, a job and a house… should not feel miserable. This type of thinking is an actual barrier to remedy.

In the beginning, it has to be confessed that mental illness does not differentiate between one person and another, as it may influence everybody without exception.

It has to be understood that “smiling depression” is an already existing and hazardous condition, as it’s when we stop finding a plausible explanation for our difficulties considering It is not severe enough,

we begin making real change, and for some, merely imagining the problem is an excellent step to modify things, as it puts them on the path to seeking support and independence from the chains of melancholy that hold them back.


The most important of all is to discover meaning in the life in which we live, also. In this respect, the basis of good psychological health has a goal in life explaining that this does not follow that we attempt to maintain a state free of Tension, responsibility, and challenges, but to try to achieve something in life, by deflecting attention from ourselves and focusing upon the demands of others, for instance.

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