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Anxiety and stress have been a routine part of my life. They don’t have a very negative effect in the long term but a few things could have been better if I had more control over it.

Earlier, in my childhood, I didn’t know that anxiety and stress are natural responses of the body and associated it with my personality. 

Giving a presentation in the class has always been a tough task. Each and every time I have a presentation to give, I start overthinking and being nervous one or two days in advance. 

Now, I am in college and will soon become a graduate. The frequency of meeting new people, giving presentations in front of the whole class, and responsibilities have increased but now I understand that being stress, anxious and nervous is a normal part of life. 

In fact, the majority of people go through the same feelings and emotions that you and I go through. Stress and anxiety are not unique to us.

Thus, instead of eliminating stress, and anxiety, I try methods to manage it.

Getting enough sleep

Getting enough sleep for me is crucial for performing mentally intensive tasks. Sleeping less than 7 hours makes my head hurt throughout the day. Thus I try to sleep early so that I can wake up at the time. Thus, I try to get to bed between 10-11 pm so that I can wake up at 7. I have reserved my evening hours for exercise. Exercising may tire the body but it relaxes the brain.

Not gaming after 8 pm

Stimulating the brain at night can result in loss of sleep. I have noticed that even I stop gaming, my mind stays alert and wide awake. Thus, I have trouble sleeping. Studies have proved that screens can cause insomnia but people take their phones to bed at night. The best we can do to relax is not to watch the news, action/thriller/horror movies, play games and watch any other stuff at night that makes the mind hyper-alert. Doing it with friends once in a while is fine, but if you need to get up early the next day, then don’t do it.

Using overthinking to advantage

I tend to think a lot and get nervous before interviews, presentations, sports competitions, and other competitive events. The best way I use overthinking is to direct it towards thinking of scenarios where things can go wrong, or questions that might be asked. I use it to recall what I have prepared and become more confident.

Having a plan

Stress and anxiety can be tackled by having control over the situation and having some kind of plan. During exams, anxiety causes me to lose a lot of time due to worry. And it doesn’t help me in any way. Thus I prepare a plan to study so that I can score decent marks. Having a plan gives assurance and removes anxiety.

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