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I am sure all of us must have witnessed at least a person who will make us say “what’s with your mood?”. Isn’t that true? Some people just blow our minds off with their unexplainable mood swings. There can be countless reasons for people to go through mood swings, the reasons also vary from individual to individual. You can see rapid changes in the reactions and portraying intensely fluctuating emotions to the same things at different times. 

Causes for mood swings:

You can find some common causes which show mild mood swings, but if they are complicated enough to disrupt your daily actions then the causes are more than common. 

  • Sleep deprivation: 

Sleep is actually a refreshment, if you do any less of it the consequences might show up soon. Deprivation of sleep can instill mood swings, you’ll feel cranky, you might end up making bad choices, and may often snap at people. The effect of sleep deprivation may also extend to anxiety and depression. 

  • Specific medications:

Certain new medications prescribed by your doctor must be looked into. They can affect your mood badly. This will not happen with every medicine, but you need to pay attention in the first few weeks, if your mood is fine you are out of trouble. But if it’s not, you may have to practice some things to moderate your mood swings or ask your doctor to change the medicine. 

  • Too much sugar:

When there are too many refined sugars in your diet, you are likely to have mood swings. Too much sugar might dysfunction your brain resulting in mood disorders.

  • Hormones:

Estrogen and other hormones can show fluctuation in your mood. When the hormones are more or less than enough, your mood is directly affected. 

  • PMS and pregnancy:

During pregnancy, the hormones are more than usual, and during PMS certain hormones are produced specifically, both of these may have a bad impact on your mood


Psychological Causes:

Apart from common causes, there are psychological causes too. 

  • Bipolar disorder:

Bipolar disorder can make you go through extreme mood swings, they can be either very high or low. This is mania or hypomania

  • Stress:

Stress has become familiar, it exists at home, workplace, college, actually everywhere. This has come all the way to hit our moods, making it totally unstable. We may act happy, sad, bitter, excited, angry, in a very short period of time. 

  • Dementia:

Dementia impairs brain functions. People with dementia, will stay calm for a minute and can heat up in flames the very next minute.

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder(ADHD):

ADHD may make you lose control over your impulses. Some pretty unreasonable things can bring up frustration.

How to control mood swings?

  • Organize your sleep schedule well
  • Vent all your emotions out, do not hide them
  • Exercise regularly
  • Take healthy food
  • Make a routine
  • Find relaxation
  • Avoid stress
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