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The term mindfulness has gained huge popularity in the past few decades with many people terming it as the new “to do”. It is a modern skill to have. I mean, no pressure but it seems that it is a lot of work. To be mindful. 

What mindfulness is in the simplest term?

Mindfulness doesn’t just mean mediating nor does it mean searching for peace, although it will be your result if done right. In simple terms, mindfulness means to be aware of your internal and external happenings, your emotions, feelings and your senses. It is to know what you are feeling and why you are feeling those emotions. Seems so easy to read about it but is difficult to put into use consistently. 

Mindfulness can not only boost your mood but also works wonders on your emotional and physical health. Studies have indicated that meditation may boost the production of a hormone called serotonin which makes us feel good.

Time and again we are made aware of the ever so amazing benefits of mindfulness and this article is one such reminder of that.

Reasons why mindfulness is an open secret-

  1. Learning mindfulness techniques help a person to be more in control of their feelings. It is a great way to learn self-control.
  2. Helps in reducing stress levels. This is something that we all need at the moment. Meditating is a great way to reduce stress and also to cope with the stress in a healthy way.
  3. Ever feel that you just cannot remember the important details before your performance? Why not try meditating as it can help boost your memory and also aids in improving attention.
  4. An elixir for boosting emotional health. Not exaggerating but meditating works wonders in improving the mental health of an individual. It makes them feel more in tune with their environment.
  5. Practicing mindfulness is a great technique to cope up with anxiety and depression. Meditating regularly and being mindful can help an individual manage their anxiety and depression. It works more of an add-on to your existing plan but is not the only cure for it.
  6. It can delay the brain from growing old. You heard me right. Studies have shown that meditation can have a neurological impact and can also make physical changes in the brain. It can help your brain to stay young.
  7. Can help in reducing pain. Mindfulness when practised for a significant amount of time can help patients with chronic illness manage their pain. Studies done worldwide have affirmed it.
  8. Mindfulness can provide you with a sense of serenity that turbulent times make an individual feel helpless. It helps a person to process their emotions better.

I can go on and on but I guess you understood my point.

Mindfulness is beneficial. It makes life a bit easy and a lot more serene.

How pinkymind can help?

The “oh so never-ending benefits” of practicing mindfulness and meditation seems so lucrative but…… 

It’s the innocent heart that seems to get distracted and lose track of mindfulness whenever we try to go through with it. You are guilty of this, aren’t you?

To help you out with this hassle, our life coaches at Pinkymind have come up with two mindfulness courses, where you can learn more about guided meditation in detail. 

Click here to know more.

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