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Remember friends when you asked your parents as a child …” Mumma, the ice cream tastes so good, what is in it? “
” Why do I need to do my homework? “
” Daddy, what are you doing?”
” Hey, see how the bird is soaring! “

How wonderful was our childhood! when we used to just fly and swing in the present. We were super focused on what is happening, why it is happening and how it is happening. We used to take note of even the tiniest of details.

If we look at ourselves these days, we are often brooding over our mistakes in the past or worries of the future, instead of living and just being aware in the present. Well, we can’t get back to our childhood but we can definitely imbibe those childlike elements into our lives and be happy as before.

Children are the most mindful of all human beings, so let’s learn to be like them.

What is mindfulness?

happy child

Mindfulness is uncovering the present, looking into the situation and embracing the beauty. Knowing, learning and feeling without any bias. Sounds very simple at the same time complex right!

Hmmm…in the beginning it does seem like to have a lot of layers, but I assure you, it is going to help you live a happy and simple life.

Mindfulness is being present and attentive in the moment. One needs to relearn from their childhood self.

How do I benefit from mindfulness?

  • It helps us stay in the present and take wise decisions unwavered by background thoughts.
  • Helps focus on what we are doing.
  • It is a life skill and adds a lot of value and meaning.
  • Teaches us to accept our situations as they are, without judging them.
  • Gives a feeling of bliss and helps realize the inner purpose.
  • Helps in facing and dealing with negativity.
  • Improves our overall health.

How do we be mindful?

If you are sitting, just feel it. Touch the chair, sense your back resting on it, the pressure falling on your hip, your blood flowing through your veins.

If you are sipping your coffee, feel the drink as you let down each gulp. Try to feel the sensations and images associated with the taste, how it makes you feel.

When you are eating something, have it slowly, one by one. Chew and acknowledge the taste, how it feels as you swallow.

Use all your 5 senses. Once you start, you would give much better examples and description than me 🤭🤭

How to practically implement?

  • Set aside few minutes every day to do nothing (Start with 2 to 5 minutes). Don’t do anything. Not even playing or reading or eating, etc. Just sit and be idle. If any thoughts/emotions or feelings pass by your mind, just look at it and feel it. Do not avoid them.
Do you know?
Even not doing something is also doing something. It's hard to be idle for many of us.
  • Try practising mindfulness in your daily routine. Whether it be studies, chores, while you travel, while you drive,etc. Focus on what you are doing at that moment and be aware of your present. Consciously breathe in and breath out in the intervals.

While you try focusing and being in the present, you will notice that you drift away into something else. That time, embrace yourself and feel happy that you could actually notice being distracted. Now get back and focus.

This is a continuous process. Though it is tough in the start, put small and attainable targets of 5 mins and try being consistent with it. If 5 mins could help you, you yourself would love it and make it a routine.
Happy Mindfulness Friends!👍

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