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Let me begin by telling you that I love travelling and going out, not just seeing new places but also how I get there. For me, the journey matters as much as the destination. I find something as ordinary as travelling in a bus relaxing and soothing. I understand that for some people the crowds, the traffic, the blaring of horns and all that commotion can bring nothing short of a headache.

Over time I realized that I seem to like it (not the constant honking part of course) but the part where I get to see outside. To observe all the people busy in their lives. When I look out, I see a sea of people, who like me are just going on with their lives. Some with a smile, some with anger while some show signs of worrying and anxiousness. In some rare moments I catch glimmer of laughter and happiness which brings a smile on my face.  

                     You see, life is tough and a lot of times it feels dark and lonely, especially when we are overpowered with our problems and worries. Which occupy our thoughts so strongly that it doesn’t leave room for anything else. Those are the moments when you feel scared and may start asking yourself questions like “Can I make it?”, “Will I be able to do this?”, “What if I fail?”. At that moment you may feel that you are anxious and may even panic in the face of uncertainty.

Although, I found out that there’s a great life lesson which can be learnt especially during travelling trips. It’s the lesson that the world is full of people who are as scared and terrified as I am if not more. Some show it openly while others hide it well. Deep down all of us are afraid of something. The beauty of the lesson lies in the fact that being scared and lost has not stopped people from reaching their potential. Being scared and lonely has not blocked their path of moving forward.

‌                   For me, when I look out – I see a world full of people who are so similar yet so different than me. Different than me in their paths, their thoughts, ideologies, destination. Similar to me in the sentiment of trying to make it work in the world. It’s that feeling which binds all of us together and gives a sense of unity. Looking around I see a glimmer of hope that “I’m not alone” in the whole big world and that feeling calms me. I can sense a kind of invisible support from these random strangers. They have unknowingly given me a lending hand and it brings a smile on my face. Makes me feel that ” It is all going to be okay”.

                  So, the next time you travel, look out and see, observe the people. Acknowledge their worries and struggles but mostly take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Trust yourself and just cruise ahead.

                  You will make it.

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