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Hustle culture may make you feel like nothing you do is enough. It seems to demotivate from moving further in you work-life. Then what can you do to deal with it?

How to ensure that the overwhelming burden of hustle culture doesn’t get the better of you?

The previous article focused on what hustle culture is and how it affects an individual. It might seem difficult to navigate through something as confusing and frustrating as hustle culture. Read along to know more-

Try out these techniques and find out what works for you and what’s not.                       

1. Understand-

Working until you perish may get you those appraisals or those accolades but it won’t help you bring mental peace. To work through it you should understand why hustle culture is toxic. Understand the various negative side effects that hustle culture has on your mental health. Know that hustling may not always yield results and may leave you feeling frustrated.

2. Acknowledge –

Some like being a workaholic while others loathe it. For some, the constant stress and pressures of the workforce seem to get the better of them. In those cases, acknowledge that there is a need to work on yourself and bring the toxicity to an end. Accept that the hustle of your work is inviting some unwelcome feelings and emotions.

3. The importance of breaks-

This is a very essential and useful tip to deal with the pressures of hustle culture. Learn the importance of having breaks. Know that no matter how hard you work without taking adequate breaks you will feel lacking and frustrated. Which may lead to burnout. Taking breaks when you feel burdened by the work environment can help you tackle the situations.

4. Don’t believe everything-

We tend to take something at its face value and accept it as the truth no matter how far we may be from it. Do not believe everything that you see especially on social media. More often it shows just a highlighted part of their lives. But it makes you feel low and you may be compelled to put more pressure on yourself. Detach yourself from those sources.

5. Set clear boundaries-

Setting boundaries may look like putting up certain defences which protect you from hurt and gives you the freedom to do as you please. Setting up clear boundaries may ensure that you draw a distinct line between your work and your life. It might seem difficult at first but setting up boundaries help you to not get overburdened by the workload and helps you to take work at your own pace.

6. Take some time off-

Certain work commitments cannot be avoided and that’s not in your control. In those cases, try taking some time off from your work. Taking space from the hustle will give you some room to relax and approach your work from a different perspective. Take time off when you feel overburdened by all the commitments and deadlines and try to give yourself the space.

A final note-

Working hard to reach your career goals and aspirations is an admirable trait. Sometimes, you might need to work more than usual, but it’s understandable. What is harmful is glorifying the toxic work environment in the name of work ethics and pushing oneself over their limits. We should understand that work is only a part of our lives and that one aspect of our lives should not dictate all the other ones.

Remember to prioritise your mental health and don’t let hustle culture influence your well-being.

image source- www.pixabay.com

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