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Hope your new year’s eve was good but if it was not, then read on….

Before you ask me, isn’t it a wee too late to talk about New Year considering people got rid of their New Year Blues. I’m going to confess that the reality of New year is just starting to hit me.

I am slowly starting to realize this …. Another year passed and we entered 2022 in a haze. But I didn’t feel like celebrating new year’s ewe.

For some, it was just as if they had entered into another year and for others, it was a year of new beginnings.

But this article is for all those for whom the year didn’t start on a good note, for those who lost someone or something, for those who are struggling to be at home or their workplace.

My experiences-

Staying at home for many months didn’t go well with my mental health. Many times, I felt cooped up and suffocated. There were many days where I spent questioning my entire existence. Valued how precious life is and wonderful it feels to have people whom you can call your own.

During the last two years, I learnt new things about myself. At the same time, I endured things that I never thought I would. It was tough and I wondered many times how easy would it be to just let things go. To stop trying so hard. To just be.

Then, I realized things must be equally hard if not harder to some people…

What about the people who are trapped in an abusive marriage?

What about the kids stuck with toxic parents?

How are the people managing who lost their source of income?

What about those people who lost their dear ones and are unable to cope with it?

Or simply the young adults who feel that their life can be fit into the virtual box of either zoom or google meet.

These what-ifs and hows made me realize that “NEW YEAR” won’t change anything for some people.

It won’t magically make their pain go away.

It cannot mellow the sadness that people face.

For them, it is just like any other day.

A New year won’t change much.

So, what can be done?

Things are hard but they won’t always stay this way. When I had my doubts, I tried telling myself that things will not always stay this way. The rough time will pass.

The difficult time does not stay always. While we may not fully get over our loss but we can survive and we can find better ways to cope up with our loss. The sadness mellows over time.

It won’t happen overnight, you might have recurrent thoughts over some days. On some days you might not feel as if you can go through the situations. It won’t be easy but, in those days, I ask you to be patient.


You don’t have to be okay all the time. It is all right if you don’t feel like celebrating. You don’t have to do something if you don’t want it. That includes not making any new year resolutions.

Nothing is permanent…be it good things or bad. Enjoy the good moments and be hopeful in the bad. Mostly, know that you will get through this.

image source: www.pixabay.com

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