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The argument with whoever thinks he is always right can be frustrating. It is better to think about what you want before you jump into his conversation. Also, search for ways to help him see your side by forwarding the conversation, and take steps to keep it as calm as possible. Pinkymind enables you to find better ways to save a relationship while you have been arguing with your partner or loved once. While Arguing with the person, Patience is Predominant.

Know the root cause

Some of them have a deep sense of insecurity, and they try to cover it up by knowing as much as possible. The second type thinks they know everything, so they feel compelled to share their knowledge with others. Knowing the point from which a person’s argument can help everything can help you better cope with the situation

Determine the Loss

Determine how much you want to risk the relationship. Before diving into arguing with everything else, it is essential to think about what you want to lose. Think about how meaningful the relationship is to you and how strong this argument is to you. No matter how careful you feel, getting into any ideas can damage the relationship in some way. Hence by the guidance of Relationship Counsellors and professionals. We help you in finding the best solution.

Decide what you want to discuss.

In any argument, you must have a final goal. Maybe you want someone to see your side, or perhaps you want to admit your hurt feelings. Whatever it is, you need to know what it is before you jump to discuss it.

Check your facts

If the discussion is about something based on the truth, always check your facts first. If you can, bring the evidence to the conversation and make a backup copy for you. However, when searching, be sure to stick to unbiased sources, rather than tell you what you want to hear.

Help him look at the other side.

Listen to what he has to say. Even if a person always thinks he is right, he deserves to be heard, just as you deserve to be heard. Listen to his point of view first, and take the time to listen to what he says. If the conflict continues, it is better to consult an Online counsellor for guidance at the time of the pandemic.

Ask questions to get a better understanding.

A person may not be incredibly helpful about what is going on beneath the surface. Plus, asking questions can help you understand exactly what he’s talking about regarding the topic and how he feels about it.

Agree, then give your point

One way to argue with someone who thinks he knows everything is to feel that the first party is with him or admit that you understand his side. With your approval, you can submit your opposing text.

Make your discussion non-threatening.

If your score decreases in a threatening way, the other person will likely close the discussion. However, if you present your side by putting it in a less aggressive language, the other person will probably listen.


Move the conversation away from confrontations. Sometimes, when you encounter someone with direct advice in their discussion, they just shut them down and don’t listen, just as they do when presenting a debate in a threatening way. Pinkymind may offer advice or a solution through online counselling. Download the app to find more views and possibilities

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