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Step 1 was to understand what stress is all about and now Step 2 is to focus on how to reduce stress.

Something which we will cover in this article.

I want to point out one important thing. The tips and techniques given by anyone or any website will not be truly effective until you acknowledge that you need to work on your stress. A lot of times, while reading the tips or while hearing them from a mental health professional one may feel that they already know them. It is partly true; the key here lies in not just knowing them but also in putting them into practice. You won’t be relieved from your stress until you put the knowledge of the tips and techniques into your day-to-day use.

Let’s begin-

1) Close your eyes and breathe-

Whenever you feel that the situation is going out of control and that you are unable to handle your stress then, try closing your eyes and start taking deep breaths. Take 10- 15 long breaths and try to deviate from your stressor. Instead, try to focus on your breath and try counting your breaths to help you distract from your stressor.

2) Think about happy moments-

Some stressful situations knock us off our balance and make us feel vulnerable, in those cases try to remember happy moments. Thinking about things that make you happy helps in reducing your stress levels by giving you a chance to isolate yourself from stressful situations.

3) Exercise and exercise-

Scientifically proven, exercise helps in reducing stress levels amongst individuals. It has been noted that those who exercise regularly have better odds of combating stress as opposed to those who do not. So, try to include exercise or any form of physical activity into your regime. What’s more is that your brain also tends to feel good after exercising, thereby ensuring that you are in good spirits.

4) Try writing it down-

Don’t assume it is just for writers, it can be practised by anyone. While facing a stressful situation try writing it down, be it your thoughts, emotions or what exactly is stressing you. It will help make more sense of your situation and bring clarity. Seeing things on paper helps better than just thinking and stressing about it in your mind. Sometimes we tend to make a mess and force ourselves into stressful situations when in reality it can be easily solved. Try to see your stress instead of just thinking about it.

5) Do what makes you happy –

If you feel that you have been under stress for a long time then try taking a break from the things that makes you feel stressed. Trying doing what makes you happy be it taking a walk, playing with your pet, spending time with loved ones or grooving to your playlist. Do what you make you feel happy as it will help in boosting your energy, so later when you get back to your work you will feel energized.

There are countless other tips and techniques which you can follow to reduce your stress. You can also tailor them according to your needs and comfort.


Just as one won’t lose weight by simply staring at the treadmill but by using it. In the same way, you have to practice the tips and techniques to reduce stress.

All the best.

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