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Abhishek has his semester exams in a couple of days while Riya has an important presentation in her office. Both are nervous and scared and they both kept on postponing it until the last moment. They barely managed to complete it at the last moment but they worry that it might not be good enough.

Are you like Abhishek and Riya?

Do you also keep on procrastinating your tasks and chores fearing failure or criticism?

Do you struggle to pull yourself together?

Then this article is for you.

Why is it needed? –

In the middle of motivating yourself to complete the task and admonishing yourself for not being your best ideal comes anxiety. Anxiety and stress are loaded with spiralling thoughts and self-critique. In those times remember to not burden yourself.

Follow these tips-

1) Don’t let your fear overpower you-

Your deadlines, goals and chores might be mighty and seem difficult to conquer but they are not impossible. Don’t let your fear of failure or embarrassment overpower you from doing essential things in life. Do not let your fear overtake your aspirations and desires.

2) Start small-

Your task or goals might seem as gigantic like a mountain but remember that you don’t have to scale it in a single day. Set up realistic goals and take only what you can manage. Most importantly start small. Take up little nibbles instead of big bites. Segregate your tasks and start with the smallest portions and move your way up.

3) Don’t be hard on yourself-

Accept the failures, people fail and they will fail but don’t let them put a full stop to your life. Failure doesn’t mean that you have failed it just means that you have failed that particular task. Pull yourself together and start again. Mostly essentially don’t be so hard on yourself.

4) Evaluate yourself-

Try to look into yourself and evaluate what needs to be done and how it can be done. Sometimes we take in more work than we can handle and when it becomes too much to handle, we become anxious. Try to look at yourself and know your threshold.

5) Put a stop sign-

When you find yourself unable to handle the pressure then put a stop sign. Stop whatever you are doing and don’t let unruly thoughts wander. Don’t let the thoughts of failing stop you from doing your work. Putting a stop sign helps you to give a signal that you are reaching your threshold.

6) Escaping is not the solution:

When faced with difficult tasks our mind has the tendency to escape or divert. Especially people who suffer from anxiety use escape and procrastination as a defence mechanism. Escaping from your chores might work today but you cannot keep on doing it forever. Acknowledge and accept that escaping is not the solution.

A final note-

It might take a lot of energy to do tasks that scare us or push us out of our comfort zones. You might also struggle. It is understandable and in fact, that’s growth. Growth pushes us out of our comfort zone and it might be uncomfortable for many of us. What matters is to keep going even when you find it difficult to sustain.

Pull yourself together for you are your saviour.

image source- www.pixabay.com

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