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You might be surprised if you know that all the habits you do now are the basis for your mental health! Your interest in healthy habits that maintain mental health from now on will help maintain mental health and stimulate the mind, so follow the Blog of Online Psychology counselling to know how to keep your mind healthy.

Playing sports

Studies have also shown that using your muscles contributes to maintaining mental health. Sport helps to stimulate the development and production of new cells and even helps increase communication between the brain cells; It also helps sport reduce high blood pressure, improve cholesterol, and reduce psychological and mental stress, and contribute to the sport. In the end, keep your mind and heart health as well.


You follow a healthy diet that helps maintain the mind’s health just like your body, so check your cholesterol level, as low levels of cholesterol reduce the risk of mental illness, especially with age.

Eat the right food

It requires you to reduce your consumption of saturated fats, cholesterol from animal products, and unsaturated fatty acids from your partially hydrogenated oils consumption.

Vitamin B

There are three types of vitamin B that you must maintain in your body, namely B6, B12, and folic acid. Vitamin B helps reduce the levels of homocysteine. High levels of it may cause mental illness, and you can get it from fortified grains, other grains, and green leaves. For more information on best Vitamins and Supplements for Memory and Concentration visit www.lumultra.com

Maintain your blood pressure

High blood pressure in middle age may cause mental and cognitive decline in the future, so always try to follow healthy habits that maintain your average blood pressure as much as possible, keep fit, exercise, stop drinking alcohol, reduce pressure and eat healthy food.

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Maintain blood sugar level

Diabetes may be a strong cause of dementia in the future, so keep your blood sugar level and eat healthily and exercise regularly. If your blood sugar levels continue to rise, consult your doctor.

Maintain your cholesterol level

The high rate of harmful cholesterol in the body raises the incidence of dementia, as well. In contrast, the decrease in the ratio of beneficial and required cholesterol to the body also leads to this occurrence, so eating healthy food, exercising, and avoiding smoking.

Mental state

The psychological state causes an impact on cognitive functions and mental health. Feelings such as anxiety, frustration, sleep disturbances or fatigue are all matters that affect the health of the mind, so always try to get enough rest and sleep.

Protect your head from injuries

You may be surprised to learn that moderate to severe injuries to the head may increase the risk of developing cognitive impairment in old age.


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