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Depression is a celebrity, at least I call it like that. It has established its dominance as it pushed many mental disorders behind by attacking more than 264 million people globally. That is a huge record, isn’t it? It is proven that depression is twice more in young women than men. 

What is depression?

Depression is marked by the continuous loss of interest in daily activities, gloomy mood, various sources of distress, etc. There are multiple causes leading to depression. They can be a genetic vulnerability, life stressors, loss of loved ones, substances you consume (some medications, drugs, and alcohol), etc. 

Symptoms of depression:


Depression has the ability to turn yourself against you. It instills self-hate, worthlessness, inappropriate guilt, pessimism, etc. You will start blaming yourself for every failure and drawback in your life

Fatigue and insomnia:

Depression pulls you into a strong feeling of tiredness by drowning you into sluggishness. With this tiredness, you tend to sleep more. Some face the worst scenario, which is insomnia. They cannot sleep, they become restless. Thus may lead to anxiety. 

Uncontrolled emotions:

Your emotions are suddenly all out of control, you may burst out furiously a second, or you may cry hysterically. It mostly happens without your awareness.

Loss of interest:

You will moderately land in a place where absolutely nothing gives you enlightenment. Pleasure is no more your guest, even in the things you love. Social withdrawal occurs to you out of nowhere, pushing you into loneliness and despair. 

Coming out of depression

Surround yourself with positive people:

People who make you forget your problems, and help you find joy are the ones you need when you are depressed. 

Treat yourself:

When you did something nice, acknowledge it and dwell in the satisfaction it bestows. Treat yourself and reward yourself with something you like

Set a routine and goals:

You should put yourself through a narrow and bustling schedule, set a routine that helps you forget about tomorrow. Lay down some goals and recognize that the goals are more important than the complications you are stuck in.  

Let out your emotions:

Choking your emotions will elevate your depression to a higher level. Embrace the emotions, write them down, or let them out to someone. This will definitely give great relief.  

Do things that make you happy:

Search for your relaxation, do things that grant joy. These things can elevate your mood, and can also bring in some energy

Practice meditation:

Meditation is a great way to cope with stress and depression. Meditation and yoga can help increase your concentration and focus which will welcome balance into your wavering mood schedule. 

Consume food that aids mental health:

Sticking to a healthy diet will enhance your body and mind balance. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoid preservatives and processed foods. This will help your mood swings and less concentration. 

Get good sleep:

Insomnia stays with depression, but you have a chance to work on it. Aim for a certain time, try accomplishing it. Do not let anything destroy your sleep schedule, it gives you a fresh mind.

Consider therapy or treatment:

It would be comfortable to talk or express yourself in front of a therapist or counselor. They will understand what’s pulling you back and will suggest a path to progress. Some include treatments comprising assertive training, relaxation techniques, ECT, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc. 

Coming out of depression is not easy, it asks for your efforts, it will put you through a narrow path, but it’s worth it.

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