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I feel the workplace is our second home as we spend most of the time at our workplace around people. Maintaining unhealthy relationships with our colleagues can become a cause for our mental illness. One can perform a task even under pressure if he has a healthy relationship with his co-workers.

Now you may have this question popping up in your mind.

How is mental illness related to unhealthy relationships?

Just think about it. For instance, When you get into an argument with your colleagues. 

Can you be at peace? 

Will you be able to concentrate on your work?

I am sure our mind will be disturbed and we will be overthinking about it.

So here are a few simple tips to maintain healthy relationships at your workplace.

Acknowledge, appreciate, and be thankful:

Everybody wants their work to be appreciated right?

It feels good and motivates you to even work harder. 

 For instance, Acknowledge, appreciate, and be thankful to your colleague or give a pat on his back for the hard work that he has put in to make your project successful.

Do not get into an Argument:

Try to avoid quarreling with each other. Find another way round in solving a problem. Try not to have a violent confrontation. When you speak to a person, be polite to avoid disputes. 

Be patient: 

Do not get irritated or frustrated over silly things or do not give them weird expressions. Answer their questions patiently. When you are impatient, it creates a negative impression on you.

Do not tittle-tattle:

Do not try to gossip about someone at your workplace. This is one of the most important reasons behind unhealthy relationships. These things can give rise to conflicts. If you have a negative opinion on someone keep it to yourself rather than disclosing it to somebody else. 

Respect others:

Respect your colleagues, value their ideas and opinions. Try not to hurt them by being harsh or by using informal language. In short, Try to be careful about what you speak or how you behave.   

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