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Before you ask if I’m here talking about the anatomy part of your body then no, I am not. I’m talking about the imaginary part which can only be felt and not seen. Some call it gut feeling while others call it as intuition.

What it is?

If you ask google what intuition or gut feeling means it will probably tell that it is a personal, intimate feeling which is intuitive in nature and which arises without any logic or rationale.

Intuition or a gut feeling is as an innate feeling that one may feel in a certain situation which may or may not contradict the statistics or facts. It may also be different from the face value of something which generally forms the basis of understanding.

In simple words, it is the immediate understanding of an aspect without knowing further details about it.
There are a lot of times in life where one has to use his/ her intuitions in life.

For example,

You got a chance to buy a house in a prime locality with an amazing view at a great prize but you don’t feel comfortable buying that house and you don’t. Later you find out that the house had many inner issues that you were not aware of.
You get in a relationship with someone who everyone thinks is a great person. Though you feel that there’s something off about that person. You cannot quite figure it out but the feeling of uneasiness stays with you. Later you turn out to be right despite all their previous claims or others opinions regarding that person.

From these two incidents, we can say that there are some things which can only be felt and not seen.
That is, in short, can be called as a gut feeling or an intuition.
The gut intuition gets us out of the toughest of the tough jams. It helps us to overcome difficult situations. A lot of people confuse following your gut feeling as being impulsive but there’s a difference between the two.

Gut feeling or intuition cannot necessarily be explained to others but it is something which just feels right to you. While impulsive decisions are recklessly made without thinking much.
There are a lot of debates and discussion regarding whether to trust your gut or not but I personally feel it pays off to trust your gut instincts.
For me, intuition is the feeling which stays at the back of my mind. Like a bell which rings whenever I made a bad decision in life.

Sometimes it is right and some times it proves to be wrong but it gives me satisfaction to know that my intuitions were right.
So, the next time you are in a jam and you don’t know what to do even after thinking about it for a long time then close your eyes take a deep breath and trust your gut.

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