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Did you know what’s the most beautiful gift that you can ever give to anybody?

I feel it’s forgiving them. Every one of us has committed mistakes at least once in our lives and we all have been forgiven by others and when it’s your time to forgive them, do not step back. 

Well, I have been forgiven many times by my parents and my friends 

It’s human nature to make mistakes. When a person is guilty and ashamed of his mistakes and when he apologizes for what has happened, there is nothing wrong with forgiving him.

I have heard people saying this, 

“I will never forgive her for what she has done to me.”

“Whenever I meet her I get reminded of that incident when she had deceived me.”

Just tell me one thing does holding grudges on a person and not forgiving her for what she has done helps you in any way?

Instead, it affects your mental health as in, 

You keep on thinking too much about that person.

You get irritated. 

Your mind gets disturbed. 

You will not be able to focus on your work anymore.

Doing all this, indirectly you are harming yourself. You are polluting your mind.

When you forgive a person it strengthens your relationship with that person and you will have a happy and healthy mind as well.

You know what, I feel light when I forgive a person. 

Eventually, the dislike for someone before forgiving her just vanishes away as soon as I forgive her.  

So here are two golden rules that you need to follow when you forgive a person 

Listen :

Listen to the person, ask him how it all happened and what was the reason behind him committing a mistake.

Sense of right and wrong:

Tell him where he went wrong. Make that person understand his mistake. Analyze the situation. 

If you feel that the person is guilty of committing that mistake forgive him.

And to all those who have been forgiven, make sure that you don’t repeat these mistakes. In short, don’t take the advantage of people who have forgiven you as it breaks their trust that they have in you.

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