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We might have been in a pandemic for the last two years and life seemed to have slowed down for many of us. Although the competition has only thrived. Countless students and aspirants eye to grab a spot in the top colleges and the top government exams. Only a few succeed and the vast majority of people face failure.
We might have heard a lot of times that, “Failure is just a stepping stone of success” but failure still hurts. The more you dwell on it, the more it harms your mental health. Failure dents our morale and makes us question our potential.

This article is for all those who had to face failure and we just want to tell you that it is going to be okay.
Some things about failure you should know-

1) Failure doesn’t dictate your worth-

Your self-worth is not dependent on either your success or your failures. You should understand that you are worthy regardless of whether you can or cannot get into that prestigious college or that lucrative job. Train yourself to think more positively about yourself. Know that you are worthy and failures don’t determine your worth.

2) It is okay to feel sad –

At one point or another, we all have to face failures and it is just part of being a human. It doesn’t mean that you cannot be sad about it. Sometimes the thing that you worked hard for doesn’t work out and naturally, you will feel bad about it. It is completely fine and healthy to mourn and feel sad.

3) Process your emotion –

You don’t always have to take failure gracefully. You are allowed to cry and feel down. Before getting up you need to feel and process your emotions. After encountering a failure, we are too quick to react either by self-blaming or blaming external factors but we don’t often process our emotions. Avoiding this may hurt us in the long term.

4) Own your shortcomings and take responsibility-

We all want to succeed in our endeavors and in that bid, we tend to ignore our shortcomings which may cause us to face failure. Taking responsibility for your failure helps us to grow and gives us a different perspective on how we could approach our goal again.

5) Develop a skill set to increase your resilience-

Equip yourself with some skills and tools which can come in handy when you are going through a failure. Activities like meditation, walking, reading or any other relaxing activity which helps to take your mind away may aid in increasing your resilience.

5) It is never too late to bounce back-

Remember it is not over until you say it is over. No matter how many times you fail you can always bounce back. Look around the world is full of underdogs who made it big after facing many failures and rejections. You are in charge of the reins of your life and there is always a choice.

6) Life’s a process of growth and failure makes you grow-

We can learn a lot from our failures and life is a process where we grow and learn continuously. No step is too small just keep making them. You will soon find that your failures have made you wiser that is if you learn from them.

A very important thing about failure:

You have faced them; I have faced them and we all will face many more but…. Lift your head high dearies, we all are FIGHTERS.

image source- www.pixabay.com

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