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Before diving into our topic let’s discuss what emotional exhaustion means.

Emotional Exhaustion can be described as a state of mind in which a person may feel emotionally empty or stuck. A person undergoing this may feel a void and life seems very bleak to them. It is a time where an individual feels drained emotionally.

Nowadays, emotional exhaustion is on rise irrespective of the gender and socio-economic background of an individual.

Why does it happen?

There can be various reasons why a person can feel emotionally drained but the most common attributes can be:

  • Stress– It is normal to face stress but continuous exposure to it is dangerous. People with high-pressure jobs often face extreme stress which may lead to emotional burnout.
  • Trauma– Trauma can manifest itself in different ways. When a person is unable to cope with the trauma then that person may struggle emotionally.
  • Financial woes– long term financial problems may lead a person to feel despair and hopelessness. It is something that aids in emotional exhaustion.
  • Big life events– sometimes significant life events may not only bring joy but can also cause mental exhaustion. Events such as a big promotion, wedding, divorce or childbirth may be too much for an individual to cope up with.
  • Living with a chronic illness- facing chronic medical issues may force a person to feel bleak and hopeless. It may feel as if they are stuck in a dark pit eternally, making them feel emotionally weak.

Common signs of emotional exhaustion-

  • lack of motivation
  • sleep deprivation
  • feeling hopelessness
  • change in eating habits
  • increase in negative thoughts
  • feeling anxious often
  • detachment from things, people
  • facing anger issues
  • frequent thoughts of self-harm

Someone with emotional exhaustion may not necessarily show all these symptoms but these are some of the most common signs to look out for.

How to heal from emotional exhaustion?

1. Acknowledging:

The first step towards healing is often acknowledgement. Understanding and accepting that you are emotionally exhausted is the first step towards healing. Do not spend your life in denial for it may harm your mental health.

2. Processing:

The next step after acknowledging would be to process your feelings and emotions. Evaluate yourself and take a look at your life, and try to figure out the stimulus for high stress. Once you acknowledge the cause of your distress then try to process it, in your way.

3. Working:

After processing if you feel that it is time to come out of the emotional dark pit then start by making efforts. Sometimes a person is not ready to come out of that space as it may feel terrifying but know that you can come out of it. Little efforts and work be it in whatever form, may help to bring back joy or simply peace in your life.

A final word-

Emotional exhaustion may not always manifest itself in the same pattern for everyone. Something which causes great stress for one may not be a huge deal for another. The level of stressor differs from individual to individual. It becomes imperative to understand that emotional exhaustion could be due to many reasons and one should not be criticized because of it.

If you know someone going through emotional exhaustion, then gently let them know that you are there for them. Also, if you are going through it yourself then know that it is okay to feel emotionally drained. With time and some effort, you can overcome this. Although if you often feel like inflicting harm on yourself then you should take the help of a professional.



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