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Oh yes… I’m talking to you and yes, I’m calling you beautiful.
To everyone who is reading this
I’m calling all of you beautiful.
You are all beautiful souls with an astonishing capacity to do good things and be an amazing version of yourself.
We all love when people compliment and give attention to us, some may take it openly while others shy away. Though you cannot deny that you like when someone compliments you.
Imagine how you would feel if someone compliments you be it for any reason? Be it for how you look, how you think or how you do things. You are called beautiful and that is indeed a good feeling.
Not that we have established that it feels good when someone calls you beautiful. Now let me ask how often you call yourself beautiful?
How often you look at yourself in the mirror and call yourself beautiful?

My confessions-

I will confess that up until a certain point in my life I used to be so underconfident that I couldn’t call myself beautiful. I felt that I was not beautiful compared to others but it took me a long time to acknowledge and learn the lesson that we all are beautiful. No matter in what sizes, color, gender or height we come in. I am beautiful the way that I am and that goes for every other person I meet.
We are all beautiful and amazing the way that we are and we should accept ourselves. We all have heard this that beauty is only skin deep and what stays, in the long run, is how you are on the inside. It is so easy to get intimidated by others. Just like it is so easy to call others beautiful but to extend the same courtesy to yourself seems somewhat of an uphill task.

Tips to help you discover your inner beauty:

Acknowledge that you are unique:

Let me use a popular phrase here that “Not all our fingers are alike”. In the same way, every person is not the same. We should accept that we are unique and we don’t need to imitate others to be considered acceptable by some.

Be proud of yourself:

Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments no matter how insignificant they may seem. Try being your own cheerleader and your own motivator.

Practice Self -love:

Loving yourself is the best form of self-love. Accepting and acknowledging that you are adequate and loving yourself down to the core will help in looking at yourself from a positive perspective.

Don’t compare yourself:

Other may a have somethings which you desire but that doesn’t mean that what you have doesn’t matter. Don’t compare yourselves with others for you will miss out on something far greater- realizing your own inner beauty.

Don’t forget to call yourself beautiful:

Lastly don’t forget that just like how our body needs proper nutrition in the same way our soul also needs some affirmations. Speak positive words about yourself every day. Believe it when you call yourself beautiful.

Deep down all our souls are beautiful.
So, what are you waiting for? Head on to the mirror and call yourself beautiful.

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