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Are you an extrovert? Are you socially active? That is good to hear! An extrovert and a socially active person love to spend time with friends, family, and meet new people. They’d also be happy to share their opinions and express their views on everything that triggers them. They are approachable and friendly. 

However, this social activeness only limits to sharing. If you haven’t recognized, there is a thin yet life-threatening line between sharing and depending. When you like to share, you are totally fine. But if that crosses the line and steps into dependence, you are in great trouble.  Dependence is dangerous because it will eventually drag you down. You must check your stage every time, seeking help sometimes is considerable whereas always is questionable. 

Incapable of being alone, incapable of being happy when alone, and incapable of making a decision are the predominant signs of this problem. You tend to depend on others for every mere decision you have to make, this will gradually drain your decision-making ability. This is definitely not a place someone likes to stay in, right? It is bad that you will have to depend on someone every time. This habit often leads to a mental illness called dependent personality disorder.

A Dependent Personality Disorder(DPD) is a cluster C of personality disorder. It is marked by consistent action of being alone and depending on others. People with this disorder will have anxiety when alone, they need others for comfort, delight, and support. 

Symptoms of dependent personality disorder:

  • Not accepting disapproval
  • Feeling nervous when alone
  • Fear of rejection
  • Oversensitive of criticism
  • Losing decision-making ability
  • Need for repeated reassurance

Causes and treatment:

People having an offensive upbringing, an abusive relationship, authoritarian parents, and having a history of anxiety disorders have a risk of developing DPD more. Psychotherapy is often used for treating DPD, it teaches new ways to build healthy relationships and also improves your self-esteem.

Do notice the difference between sharing and depending, it is essential.

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