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Someone said that change is the only constant. Things don’t always stay that way. They change and we have to adapt to that change. It is hard sometimes. Growing out of our comfort zones is not always smooth. 

It was something which I had to go through recently. As a person who loved her comfort zone, I had to make a decision that I knew will aid me in my growth. still, felt sad leaving my city and my loved ones for better prospects. I thought I would be fine but the sadness crept in when I realized that, this is it. There is no going back from here.

Change is not easy because we are so used to being in our little bubble and we don’t want to come out of it. It may look like going to a new hostel or changing your comfortable job. Else, it may also be like starting a new chapter. Change is essential to move forward in life. But the uncomfortable feeling stays. Growing up and moving ahead to another phase in our life is paramount. But the irony is it is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

So how to deal with the uncomfortable feeling that creeps up when you have to change.

1) Keep reminding yourself-

When you are going through change then more often you question your decision. You would have second doubts over your choice and you might feel that you made a mistake. In those cases, remind yourself of all the reasons because of which you decided to take the decision. It is easy to forget about your goal or your motive amidst all the turmoil that change has caused

2) Don’t isolate-

Taking a decision means either a new place, new job or basically doing something that you didn’t use to. The newness sometimes makes us feel like we are lonely. Makes us not want to interact with others because it might feel too difficult to. You would rather want to stay holed up in your room or cubicle but that might be a bad idea. Talking to others who have been in similar places like you may help you. For e.g. talking to a fresher who joined before you might give you a tip or two or talking to your hostel mates may reduce the feeling of homesickness.

3) Accept the emotions-

Emotions are unpredictable but at the same time are so essential for us. We might not want to show our emotions in front of others. but, accepting our emotions no matter how bitter they are helps us. It makes us accept reality and come in terms of it. Rather than living in denial by pretending that our emotions don’t exist.

4) Don’t neglect mental and physical health-

Sure, you might have to undergo change but it doesn’t mean that you would have to neglect your physical and mental health. Do what is good for your body and your mind regardless of where you are. Your mental health is important.

5)Find a ritual-

When you are in the middle of transition it is hard to find something to call your own. But try to find or do something that you love. Be it going for a 10 min walk or reading a few pages from your favourite book. It is important to find a sense of normalcy, in the middle of all the change. Sticking to a ritual when you are in the middle of a change may help you with your mental health.

Change is hard but is essential. We might need some time to adjust but with time and some effort, we can learn to embrace the change. Maybe even thrive in the change. Who knows? But don’t be fearful. You can overcome this change.

image source: www.pixabay.com

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