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Much is about the importance of having good defenses for the body to “attack” the viruses and bacteria that cause disease. To protect ourselves from diseases, we must enhance the health of our immune system.

As for foods rich in zinc, they are indispensable, such as beef and legumes such as lentils, beans, and chickpeas, as well as some herbs such as ginger, thyme, and sage, as they are one of the most important herbs for the safety of the respiratory system and raise your Immunity and avoid excessive intake of canned foods, sugars, and saturated fats.

But what is the immune system, and what is it for?

The immune system is made up of cells, organs, and proteins that circulate in the blood and function as a network in which they interrelate. Every day is a constant balance, and that balance is threatened by different situations, ranging from stress to elements of the environment. The system is ready to counter that and always return to balance.

Tips to boost your immunity system:

 You must be well nourished and have a decent diet,” he explained, speaking to “essentially preventing being obese.”

  • Prevent tobacco because “it’s been demonstrated to change the performance of immune cells.”
  • Do physical activity
  • Control of alcohol intake
  • The expert, who also contended that” you have to be alert to situations or alert signs that can denote the immune system Isn’t quite well, such as continuing mild.
  • Especially about the Coronavirus, “In the front of a patient having a disorder that is immune, they still have a higher prospect of creating a more serious form of the disease.”
  • Since the numbers of dead and infected associated with this new Coronavirus continue to grow, it’s essential to act preventively.
  • Keep a list of food habits help to relieve depression and stress
  • In this way, there’s a fantastic variety of minerals that meet various human body functions. However, two of these appear to be essential to the Virus’s behavior, also about the human body’s capacity to conquer viruses.

Selenium and its importance in fighting against Coronavirus:

Recent studies demonstrated that “with a sufficient concentration of Selenium in blood Enables a higher defensive capability of the immune system against viruses generally, and also the Coronavirus is. In those populations where there is a lack of zinc and Selenium, viruses change more efficiently and become more competitive and helps to boost your immunity system.

The same is true of a hungry person. The Virus affects quicker and becomes more aggressive because there’s Absolutely No defensive reaction from our body.” Since the numbers of dead and infected, this new Coronavirus continues to grow, it’s vital to act preventively. Foods naturally rich in Selenium are, unusually, nuts and shellfish.

The human body isn’t capable of synthesizing Selenium. Its presence depends on the intake of the foods that contain it and, in turn, the Selenium of these Food depends on the selenium richness of this environment where they grew.”

Things rich in Selenium:

Due to the reduced consumption of fish and the low presence of Selenium in the soils, they often do not manage to maintain sufficient levels

The other important Element is to Offer selenium organically, this can be from yeast or through a procedure known as mineral chelation, Chelation is a scientific and technological advancement that allowed the conversion of inorganic minerals to an organic form. To date, three minerals can be found in the chalet type, among them is selenium”.

Try to get more personalized views on the Coronavirus and their stress management by keeping yourself updated about how to boost immunity system. Always do exercise, Meditation, Yoga, Avoid sugars, talk with your friends or talk to an expert in Psychology counseling with any free online therapy chats.

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