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Feeling sad…. Put on some soulful songs

Feeling motivated…. put on some peppy music

Feeling festive…. put on some groovy music

Had a fight or a break-up…. There is a plethora of music for that

You see be it any reason or any occasion there seems to be a piece of music available for that.

Music is widely popular and one of the most used tools for entertainment. Though, it doesn’t just stop there.

Music is also used in therapy, to promote and cultivate better emotional and mental health. Music therapy may include writing and singing songs, playing an instrument or simply listening to music. You see, how you feel good after listening to some good music. It doesn’t happen coincidently but there is a reason behind that.

Music can make our brain produce hormones like dopamine and serotonin which are the feel-good hormones. The researchers from the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behavior and Development have indicated that music has a positive effect on boosting memory and increasing learning capabilities.

Here are some more reasons to put listen to some tunes-

1. Elevates one’s mood-

It is pretty self-explanatory, right? Music can change the way you feel in a particular situation. Do you observe how music transports you to an exact moment where a significant event of your life took place? It builds up your mood whenever you listen to it.

2. Acts as a stress buster-

Music can also act as a stress buster as it helps take your mind from your stressor. It soothes your nerves and has a calming effect on your mind. Maybe that is why I always prefer to distract myself with music during my exams.

3. Music helps with memory and attention-

Some studies have shown that music can aid in boosting memory and increasing the attention span of an individual. Some people feel that they can concentrate better with music running in the background. However, the kind of music listened to differs from person to person.

4. Relaxes the mind-

Music has been found to have a calming and relaxing effect on a person’s mind. The human brain responds positively to soothing music usually one that doesn’t consist of any vocals. Regardless, some people prefer to listen to music or play an instrument to relax their minds.

5. Music reduces anxiety and depression-

It has been reported that music has a positive impact on individuals who has anxiety or depression. Listening to music over some time can decrease anxiety and depression. Music helps to boost the feel-good hormones which facilitate in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

6. Promote better quality of sleep-

This is something that has worked for me over the past. Calming music can make a person feel at ease while sleeping. It can aid in providing a better quality of sleep. Listening to some music before sleeping can make a person sleep faster. Music can also distract a person from negative and anxious thoughts by diverting the focus to lyrics or the melody of the tunes.

7. Helps in pain management-

Music therapy is used in hospitals and clinics where patients often go through a lot of pain. Studies have shown that music can help in the pain management of individuals. Music can act as a measure to distract patients from their pains and divert their attention back to the tunes which bring them comfort and them at ease.

Even a good thing has its limit. In the same way, overdoing music therapy or listening to music for a long time can be harmful. Music therapy can be used in association with the usual therapy/medication. It is “not” an alternative to psychological treatment.


image source- www.pixabay.com

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