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Being content with your partner means being satisfied with your relationship.

While researching for my article…. I came across some stats which were surprising but not astonishing.

I came to know that divorce and annulment cases are slowly increasing in India. But our country still has one of the lowest divorce rates in India. Some studies and surveys point out that the divorce rate is around 1 %.

Ha? That was not what I expected. To be frank.

But I also know this…

Not all married couples are satisfied with their relationship. I’m not referring to happiness here as it is very difficult to be happy all the time. But satisfaction is something that most couples should have in their relationship.

Which compels me to ask you this-

Do you feel satisfied in your relationship?

Are you content with your partner?

Wait a second, hear me out-

Now you might say that satisfaction and contentment go in for a toss. When you are building a family or ensuring that you take care of your family’s needs. But don’t you ever wonder that the family you and your partner created (with or without kids) needs to have its own priority too sometimes.

In the middle of creating all the other relations and under the responsibility of maintaining those relations. Don’t forget to care for the one that you started this journey with.

Simply cohabiting together may work for many but it is bound to leave an empty spot in you that just craves to be filled. Moreover, it may negatively impact your mental health.

In such cases try doing these-

1) Acknowledge that there is something ‘off’-

Often, couples are not ready to accept that there is something wrong in their relationship. Pretending that everything is okay is like throwing things under the carpet. It will soon catch up to you. Acknowledge that there are some issues that are not right in your relationship. Which needs to be discussed and worked upon.

2) Know what you want or need-

Before you express your issues to your partner first understand your needs. Ask what is it that you want from your partner. What kind of expectations do you have and how far are they justified? Be clear about what you want before you vocalize them out in the open. Feeling content with your partner can happen only when you are true to yourself.

3) Talk to each other often-

Things are hectic and there is always a more urgent matter which needs your attention. Although taking time off for each other and talking could prove beneficial to couples. Schedule a time and try doing any activity or chores together. It will help you to bond with your partner. Be it having tea together or talking a walk.  

4) Let go of little stuff-

There are many habits and things of your partner which you may not agree with. It may irk you a lot but sometimes you have to let go of little stuff. Your partner is not perfect and neither are you. Learn to accept your partner’s shortcomings and let go of little stuff which will help your relationship in the longer run.

5) Give therapy a chance-

When all the other avenues don’t seem to work then try giving therapy a chance. There are so many qualified marriage therapist and counselors who can help couples navigate through their conflicts. Therapy or couples counseling may help bring in a new perspective which can help you connect well with your partner.

Things may not work out or they may but you will never know if you don’t even try.


image source- www.pixabay.com

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