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People will inevitably feel nervous and fearful during the new coronavirus epidemic, and even their normal living conditions will be affected. In the current pandemic, how should we adjust our mentality and relieve stress? If we have psychological problems, how should we deal with it? 

In the face of the epidemic, people will inevitably experience anxiety, depression, and other emotions. Do you need any suggestions for adjusting your mentality and relieving stress?

Everyone will accept the status quo as soon as possible, adjust their way of life, and adapt to the new rhythm. During the pandemic, how to manage the extra time and whether you can face it alone with yourself is a test for everyone. 

  1. Some people desire to have their own time 
  2. Some people have to connect with others to feel safe.

So we would suggest that if you are in this state, check and adjust your sense of security and comfort, and see what can be a medium of security in a person’s space.

For example, some people may feel that his life value should be reflected through work. During the epidemic, his work may be suspended or adjusted, and he will not adapt. 

Our advice is to create a new medium. If you work at home, you also have a working space. Set up that table, a calendar, a clock, a computer. When you sit here, you begin to enter the state of work, which is such a medium. You can wear the same clothes (as before) at home, he can wear professional attire and sit in front of the table, recreating a new environment similar to the past, you will build a sense of security and familiarity, and you will be able to stabilize. When the time comes, you can take off clothes, puts on sportswear and casual slippers, and enters the kitchen. This adjustment can help you relax.

During the epidemic, it is impossible to meet relatives and friends as usual. We can use existing communication methods to get the same stable contact with relatives, friends.

If you feel incredibly nervous and anxious when receiving information about the pandemic, dont let yourself watch mobile phone more. Because the negative emotions brought by your mobile phone have already affected you, so you have to stop this action and don’t open it even if you see you. It is also susceptible.

Second, do activities next. Use some simple breathing methods, relaxation methods, and Music to help stabilize yourself. For example, abdominal breathing, such as progressive muscle relaxation, and then with Music. These are available online. You can play Music at home and do yoga, which is good. Or move the table and bench at home and walk. 

Third, Music, whatever you like, will do. The criterion for choosing Music is that when you hear this Music, you are quiet and relaxed. For example, soothing yoga-type Music or meditation-type Music can be used.

You can try to call our psychological with a simple appointment to discusses the Anxiety and find professional ways to overcome it. 

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