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‘Building a fairer, healthier world”

United Nation gave this slogan for World Health Day 2021 which is celebrated every year on April 7.
The definition of health that many of us believed is just the absence of illness. Over time as we grew aware and conscious, we started to understand that being healthy doesn’t just mean the absence of an illness or injury. It means that it is equally important to have a presence of a secure environment where an individual’s emotional well-being is a priority.
United Nations defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well- being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Ask yourself this-

“Would you call yourself healthy, according to the UN’s definition?”

The recent times have proved that it doesn’t take much time for things to go bad. We find ourselves in a position which we hoped we would never be in. The Covid-19 pandemic hit us hard and some even more so. Because of it some lost their livelihood, while some had to face the loss of a loved one. For most, it was the confinement and solitary lifestyle.

Tough circumstances-

These circumstances have created a strain on our emotional well-being. They left us in a constant state of restlessness and worry.
Some might argue that an individual’s emotional well- being isn’t a priority as it is not visible like any physical injury is. I have heard people say, “All these taking care of your emotional and mental well-being is just a technique to extort money and it is nothing but a business.”

This type of thought process can be understood as in most of our families we are not taught to express ourselves or even process our untoward feelings. Emotional well-being is always just thinking positive and not crying in adverse situations.
We are moulded in such a way that we are conditioned to think that our emotional well-being is not as significant as our physical well-being.
Furthermore, if we look healthy then we are healthy no matter how much turmoil we face inside us. This is a general perception.

Our mental health often takes a backseat when there is no choice but to go through the tough phases of life. The adverse effect of ignoring your mental health may not show right away. It builds up gradually and hit you in the form of anxiety, burnout, depression or even PTSD for that matter.
I’m not trying to scare you. Neither am I saying that ignoring your mental well-being will cause you this illness and disorders.

Take this example-

You bought a fancy new expensive car and you are very proud of it. You installed fancy gadgets and other luxury items in the car too. However, you are filling your car with adulterated fuel. Albeit unintentionally!

While it may not have an immediate impact but gradually over time, it will start impacting the durability and functioning of your car. The extreme point will be when the pollutants will damage the pipes and affect your engine. The exterior may still be shiny but the same cannot be said about the interior though, can it?
If a lifeless piece of metal is affected by its internal environment then don’t you think we the intellectual social animal would be too?

A friendly reminder-

What we put in ourselves matters be it in our body or our mind. It is important to be physically healthy to live a quality and fulfilling life. Accordingly, living a life where the mental health and emotional well-being of an individual is a priority is paramount. It will keep you happy and bring you peace in the longer run.
Besides, we wouldn’t want to be just a shiny piece of metal with an abysmal engine, would we?

Image source- www.pixabay.com

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