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anxiety in women

Anxiety is an extremely common emotion. It usually surfaces when an individual gets too stressed about their daily issues and problems. However, anxiety is just not yet another emotion in a person’s arsenal. When stressful emotions become too persistent in a person’s life, their ability to function properly gets adversely affected and it becomes a disorder. And just like all other mental disorders, no gender is immune to this one. Hence today, we have brought for all you lovely women a small blog on anxiety symptoms in women.

Mentioned below are some prominent anxiety symptoms in women:

The most common of all symptoms of anxiety is excessive fear or worry. Anxiety can also cause mild to severe panic attacks, which may make it hard to breathe, fall asleep, and even concentrate. Here are all the common symptoms of the disorder:

  • A feeling of unnecessary danger
  • Sleep problems
  • A feeling of uneasiness and fear
  • Shortness of breath
  • Often dry mouth
  • Tensed muscles
  • Heart palpitations
  • Overthinking
  • Inability to concentrate

Common causes of anxiety symptoms in women:

  • Trauma- Having lived through a series of traumatic events may pose extreme risk of facing anxiety.
  • Childhood sexual abuse- There are lacs of women in India who have faced sexual abuse as children. Such events are extremely common in causing these kinds of disorders in women.
  • Substance abuse- Overuse of alcohol and other kinds of drugs have been associated with numerous other forms of disorders. There abuse also gives birth to excessive anxiety in us humans
  • Low self-esteem- Extremely negative perception about oneself at all times also causes one to feel anxious and incomplete.
  • Negatively-impacting life events- Series of negative life events in one’s life is also a well-known factor causing anxiety among women.

All this might seem bad, however, don’t get overwhelmed with the facts mentioned above. Because we, at PinkyMind, have famous and well-trained specialists to help you out of the awful situation you, or your loved ones, might be in.
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