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Anxiety is just not yet another emotion that we humans face. It severely affects a person’s ability to function effectively, when it becomes a disorder. And just like all other mental disorders, anxiety disorders have become quite common. 

Types of anxiety disorders:

Panic disorder- Panic disorder can be explained as a kind of anxiety disorder wherein numerous repeated episodes of unexpected fear, chest pain, excessive sweating, incomparable distress, etc. might surface, all at once.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder- GAD is yet another form of anxiety. In this, although there might not even be a cause, the sufferer experiences excessive tension and extreme anxiety.

Social anxiety disorder- Also known as social phobia, this is one of the most common forms of anxiety disorders out there. Researches show that one in four people already suffers from this anxiety disorder. It makes them overly self-conscious about their everyday actions and speeches around other people.

Two more types of anxiety disorders are- Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. And both of them are just what their names suggest.

Causes of anxiety disorders:

There could be innumerable causes for any such disorder.

  • Trauma- Having lived through a series of traumatic events may pose an extreme risk of facing anxiety.
  • Childhood sexual abuse- There are lacs of women in India who have faced sexual abuse as children. Such events are considered extremely common in causing these kinds of disorders.
  • Substance abuse- Overuse of alcohol and other kinds of drugs have been associated with numerous other forms of disorders. There abuse also gives birth to excessive anxiety in us humans
  • Low self-esteem- Extremely negative perception about oneself at all times also causes one to feel anxious and incomplete.
  • Negatively-impacting life events- Series of negative life events in one’s life is also a well-known factor causing anxiety.

Symptoms of anxiety:

  • Restlessness
  • The feeling of panic
  • Excessive sweating
  • Excessive nervousness
  • Troubled sleeping, etc.

Diagnosis of anxiety disorders:

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