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Suddenly we all have found ourselves spending too much time in front of the screen. Staying at home was supposed to grant us more free time, instead, we find ourselves constantly tired and overworked. Thanks to work-from-home, there are no clear boundaries between work life and personal life. Socialization has become even lesser.

To take back control of some of your personal time, and getting your daily projects completed on time, we compiled the ultimate list to improve the work-life balance. 

9 Ultimate Ways to Improve Work-life Balance When You Work At Home

1. Work with an alarm clock for focused work sessions.

If you get easily distracted, work with an alarm clock. Force yourself to work until the alarm clock rings. At first, set the alarm clock at an interval of half an hour and force yourself to work until the alarm rings. 

You can look further into a technique called the Pomodoro Technique developed in the 80s to get more things done in the same amount of time. 

2. Tell your family members that you will be busy for some specific time

Family members usually don’t realize when you are working and when you are not. It’s up to you to inform them that you are busy and do not wish to be disturbed. Once disturbed, the flow is broken and it might take several minutes to reach the same state of flow. 

3. Minimize screen time by seeking sources of entertainment other than your phone, T.V. and PC.

After completing a day’s work or while taking a break from the laptop’s screen, we turn towards our T.V. or phone’s screen for entertainment. Which still adds up in the time spent in front of the screen. It can result in headache, dry eyes, trouble focusing, insomnia, and a variety of other side effects 

Instead, you spend time with family, read a book, or play a friendly game of cards.

4. Stretch your body after every hour while working.

Our bodies are designed to move. Sitting still for long hours puts a burden on the muscles and bones. Occasional body stretching every hour will refresh you.

5. Eat light to stay focused on work.

If you are moving around lesser in the lockdown, naturally your calorie intake requirement would have reduced. But habitually we are consuming the same amount of food that we used to do earlier. Lots of sitting makes one feel “full” all the time and you might feel sleepy while working.

6. Minimize distractions by blocking social media while working

Social Media, constant notifications, easy gratification had reduced our capability to do boring and hard tasks for a long period of time. 

You can install a social media blocker like the Freedom App for your Mac or Windows PC to reduce distraction.

7. Wind up work and “go home” like you would have done at a physical office.

At work-at-home the boundaries become work and personal life become blurred. People complete their personal work during working hours and keep working in the time that should be personal. 

To maintain work-life balance try to complete your work during the “working hours” and “go home” when you are done. 

8. Take breaks in evenings and on weekends to socialize with people.

Socialization and exercise will make you feel relaxed and happy. Try to talk with relatives and friends on the phone whom you have not contacted in a long time. Ask friends if they are free on weekend and if they would like to meet. 

9. Reserve mornings and evenings as your personal time.

Morning and evening should be spent on taking care of yourself and your family. Eat healthy, exercise, read books, learn a new skill, or start a side-hustle. Reserve some time for yourself to do personal activities. 

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