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Hello readers, hope you are all having a good time with your families.
To add more joy to your tiny world, let me introduce you to 5 fun activities to try and rejuvenate yourself to improve your mental health.

Disclaimer: All of these might not be new to you, but it’s brought to you in a fresh interpretation. Make sure you try at least once.

Activity 1: Add colour to your life

Add-colour-to-your-life-to improve-your-mental-health

Colouring, painting or just spilling the paints in a spontaneous fashion is super refreshing. Creating mandalas and diving your way down the doodles is so uplifting.
It is not only engaging but also helps you express yourself the way, you are unable to do in daily monotonous life. Though you may not understand the meaning behind the art piece you put your hands on, you are totally giving yourself a treat by drawing your mind to improve your mental health.

Activity 2: Watch a good movie

Watch-a-good-movie-to improve-your-mental-health

Movies are really awesome (provided the genre you choose and like). They carry you to the other world and break the chain of stressful thoughts. If there is too much traffic in your brain, try shifting focus for some time and get back to it later. Who knows you might look at the issue in a much more comprehensive way?

Activity 3: Squeeze the Slime

Happy family mom, son and dad and playing with slimes sitting on the sofa. Stretching the slimes

Ever wanted to relieve stress or show your anger on something?
Well, you can throw the utensils and things around you down, and just destroy it into pieces. But that doesn’t sound good.
Slime is the best thing to play, throw, catch, drop, break and reunite back. Just squeeze it, it won’t hurt you nor get itself hurt. There are many DIY recipes of slime too, check it out.

Activity 4: Plant Microgreens


Microgreens are baby plants which have an aromatic flavour and are rich in nutrients. Wheatgrass, fenugreek, basil, coriander and the list goes on. It is amazing that they take very less time to grow and be ready for us to consume. Watching them grow, helps us slow down and be more mindful in whatever we do.
And when we use these microgreens in salads and in our dishes, it feels very satisfying and gives a sense of an accomplishment(Hug yourself ). Go for it friends👍

Activity 5: Get into a room and dance


Yes, you heard it right. Get into a room, switch on the music and dance.
You don’t need to worry about the steps or movements because no one is watching, you don’t need to worry about anything. Just get yourself sweaty and have fun. If you are trying to make excuses that you can’t dance, then you are lying to yourself, because all you need to do is move accordingly to the beat. I am sure everybody loves to dance.
So there’s a reason behind this – when you dance or do something physically engaging, the mental stress and tension take the physical embodiment and thus it’s easy to relax fast.
Not only that, but endorphins are released when you do physical activity, which help reduce pain and stimulate pleasure, thus helping you feel good and improves your mental health.

Hope you will try and put these into practice friends. Wishing you a warm and cheerful soul!

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