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Don’t worry we are not counting numbers neither are we playing a mind game. So you may think, what exactly does 1440 mean?

1440…is the number of minutes that we have every day. That means you, me and all of us have one thousand four hundred and forty minutes in a single day out of 365 days. Wow!  

I often find myself wondering what exactly does a person do in those 1440 minutes? 

I wonder are these minutes enough?

Or are they too much?

Who decided that there should be only 1440 minutes in a day? 

( Sorry guys, I’m neither a science geek nor a history buff to answer this question)

Nevertheless, all these weird questions pop into my mind and make me go into a frenzy.

So I thought why not I figure out how ” I ” spend my 1440 minutes before I start thinking about others. Now as a student stuck in this pandemic I have stepped into the era of attending online classes. I got to confess a lot of times I’m only half awake. I long to go back to my bed and sleep but then again I realise that my presence is needed in the less frequented area which I now have to frequently visit these days …aka the living room. Upon arrival other members of my family look at me like I have escaped from a zoo but I got used to it by now. When I feel I have fulfilled my social obligation I go to my favourite place, my bed with my phone in hand. Feels blissful indeed!

Long story short I observed that my 1440 minutes would go as fast as if they have a deadline to go through or as sluggish that even a sloth bear would find it slow. Either way, I realised that I was just mechanically living my life. Without thinking or knowing what I was doing. That made me exclaim: “Man, my life is so dull and boring just like this period that I’m stuck in!”

Yes, I called my life boring and it is true. I cannot portray my mundane life attractive when it is not. No matter what my social media platforms suggest or how colourful my posts may seem. A lot of times, I just felt tired and exhausted and didn’t wish to do anything else. I realised that out of these 1440 minutes I was not giving a single minute to myself. Sure I was walking, talking, running, jumping and spending hours on binge-watching and social media but I wasn’t focusing on my needs. Just my wants. I needed to – just pause, away from all the mindless happening around me, which a lot of times felt so chaotic and messy. It’s then that I realised that I desperately needed to take a deep breath and do nothing for a while. Like a mini-vacation.

Nowadays all of us are pressurized into being productive all the time. Compelled into doing something useful like completing tasks, finishing chores and constantly doing courses and webinars to hone our skills and fill our resumes.  We often feel that if we don’t do these things we don’t have any importance. We are simply not enough. There’s so much “to-do” stuff that taking a couple of minutes for oneself seems like an uphill task.

I ask you, is taking a couple of minutes for yourself and your inner needs too much to ask for?


Are you afraid of the feelings and emotions that taking up those couple of minutes might force you to acknowledge?

Ever thought what you would do if you just had 1440 minutes to live? Would you still be living as mindlessly as you are now? Would you still be as hurried and worried? Or

Will you realise that it’s time to make some changes in your life? To simply take some time off, to pause for a minute and enjoy the present moment. No matter how insignificant it may seem.

What all will you do before the time runs out in reality, and you no longer have 1440 minutes to beg, borrow and steal?

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